Welcome to SKUHLPT. A dedicated Wellness House, I created for Us, for everyone.

As a Pilates client, I was drawn immediately to the way the practice made me feel. Calm, centred, and at one with my body, mind, and SELF. Taking that one hour out of my day felt like my sacred time with SELF. A window of time to drop the
labels I carried, and drop into myself. As my Pilates practice evolved, that precious time with self ended with a gift — a candle, flowers, activewear — a sacred, and indulgent ritual, just for me.

After becoming a mother and leaving my corporate career, I was diagnosed with PND. Turning to the Reformer bed, my Pilates practice was what held me. And as I slowly began to reclaim my identity, I developed a strong desire to share with others, what Pilates had given to me.

Mentored by an instructor whose wisdom is instilled in the way I teach and care for my clients, I became certified in a best-in-class program. But as I sought out venues that aligned with the indulgent, calming and restorative experience that I wanted to create, nothing quite lived up to the sacred Pilates and gifting ritual I had carved out as a client. So I set about creating a space of my own. A space for all of us.

SKUHLPT. Sanctuary for Self.

I invite you to join me here. 

With love,