In keeping with our mission to provide a sanctuary that caters to every aspect of SELF-care, we have a new addition to the SKUHLPT Wellness House — our Sauna + Ice Bath Lounge. A space that harnesses the healing power of infrared heat and ice bathing, to purify your state. And strengthen your connection with SELF.

Designed for up to two, the lounge houses an infrared sauna, ice bath, and private shower, complete with tonics and treatments. A space for you to move about your own ritual of rejuvenation. To connect to SELF— solo, as a couple, or with a friend.


    $55 (max one person)

    Enjoy a 45min immersive Infrared Sauna Session, followed by a private shower. A moment to sit back + connect to SELF.

    Our sanctuary-grade Sunlighten mPulse Sauna, is your new haven for release and restoration. Aesthetic, comforting, and high-end, this sauna uses the latest in advanced infrared technology to to deeply penetrate and soothe muscles, enhance circulation, and promote skin rejuvenation, including integrated red light therapy.

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    $85 (max two people)

    Share 45 minutes of Infrared Sauna bliss in our 3 person Sunlighten mPulse Sauna as a couple or with a friend, taking time to reconnect ... the ultimate time with SELF.

    Private shower space, luxury skin + body care products and a complimentary Hydration tonic from The Beauty Chef to enjoy as you wind down from your day.


    (we cap it at two people to offer maximum comfort but we can accomodate a third person, please contact us to arrange this)

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  • SOLO FIRE + ICE SINGLE (one person)


    The best of both worlds.

    Enjoy the privacy of the lounge for 75 minutes, and immerse your body in the gentle therapies of an Infrared Sauna before taking your body through contrasting cold therapy via an Ice Bath plunge. (start with sauna + finish with ice bath - not contrasting therapy due to electric dry infrared sauna)

    Start with a 45 minute Infrared Sauna session. Have a shower to rinse off impurities / excess hair + fabrics before commencing your Ice Bath plunge. Can you get to 1 minute or more?

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  • DUO FIRE + ICE DUO (two people)


    Enjoy a 45minute Sauna Session (Fire) and finish with a Cold Plunge.

    Your space for 90minutes, uninterrupted.

    Start with your Infrared Sauna, with in build red light therapy for added cell rejuvenation + skin care, following by a quick rinse in the private shower. (start with sauna + finish with ice bath - not contrasting therapy due to electric dry infrared sauna)

    Finish off with a cold plunge. How long can you last for?

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    Step into invigoration at SKUHLPT with our Odin Ice Bath. A hand-crafted cedar-wood plunge pool blending cold exposure therapy with a beautiful, natural design.

    Enjoy privacy of 15 minutes to yourSELF as you awaken your senses + build resilience.

    A quick rinse in the private shower + ready to plunge.

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    $39 for two

    Need a support person, or tag team your cold plunge with a friend or loved one, the Duo session allows for 30minutes in the private lounge.

    Rinse in the private shower before commencing your Cold Plunge therapy.

    Remember steady BREATHE, FOCUS + PACE is all you need.

    (note: ice bath is for one person at a time, strictly no sharing tub)

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